There are many types of Paint, all of which serve different purposes, they are Acrylic Paints, Oil Paints, and Latex paints and so on, when we talk about paints we talk of a broad category of paints, this category of paints could range from building paints, canvas paints, road marking paints, Marine paints, and Aviation Paints. Before we embark on the categories of Paint, let’s look up the different types of paints listed above.

Types of Paint

The Three Major Types of Paints

A lot of people ask, “How many types of paint do we have in Nigeria ? “, There are a lot of paint types, and mentioning the different types of paints we have in Nigeria may be a bulky process to embark on, however, what you need to know is this, The different types of paint in Nigeria and globally have all been grouped down into seven major types

Acrylic-Based Paints

According to Wikipedia, Acrylic Paints are mainly water-based Paint formulations. These paint formulations are made of Acrylic Polymer, Plasticizers, Silicone oils, defoamers, and stabilizers. being a water-based formulation simply points to the fact that Acrylic paint types are built or formulated with water as the base. Here are a few examples of Acrylic paints they include different paint finishes like Emulsion Finish, Textured Finish, and Matt Finish.

Oil-Based Paints

Oil Based Paints are peculiar types of paint, one of which is that they are slow drying. there are many forms of Oil Paints, Which include Oil Paints used by Artists, Alkyd oil paint, and many more. when it comes to “building Paints” Alkyd Oil paints are what we refer to as Oil-based paints. this type of paint is not the best in-house application paint, but works well in high-traffic areas, and because of the resin binders and its high resistance to damage and moisture, Oil-based paints are recommended as wood finish, Kitchen finish, hallways, and high traffic areas.

Latex Paints

When we talk about Latex Paints we refer to a mixture of polymer microparticles in water to form an emulsion. Latex Paints are less expensive when compared to Oil-based and Acrylic Paints. Latex Paints are mostly applied in building interiors and exteriors. Acrylic paints and Latex Paints look similar however the major differences are in their composition. Latex Paints are easily degradable, this happens often when exposed to heat, and with the application of soap and water, it can be washed off surfaces where it was applied. Latex Paints are the cheaper alternatives to Acrylic paints.

What are the 7 types of Paint?

The three types of paint mentioned above are the main types of paint, they are classified mainly according to composition, which is why we have the Oil-based composition, the acrylic-based, and the Latex paints. However when we talk about classification based on point of application then we have a broader perspective of paint types. There are seven (7) types of paint based on points of application, they are

  1. Cement Paint
  2. Aluminium Paint
  3. Enamel Paint
  4. Emulsion Paint
  5. Bituminous Paint
  6. Anti-Corrosive Paint
  7. Synthetic Rubber Paint

Cement Paints: Cement paint is water-based paint and is applied to either the exterior or interior portions of a building. This type of Paint is used mostly to prevent water penetration and prevent dirt collection. The composition of “Cement Paint” mostly involves the use of cement at a 60% ratio.

What is Cement Paint used for?

The Cement Paint is used most in construction, however there are options where it is used as a faux finish to elevate home designs, both interior and exterior. a sample of this can seen by watching this youtube video.

Aluminium Paint:

When we talk about Aluminium paints we point to or mean paints used to coat aluminium, ferrous or non ferrous metals. Aluminium paints are general purpose and can be used for interior and exterior purposes. Aluminium Paints are good corrosion resistant when applied on metals. They have high abrasion resistance and protects metals against chemical based reactions.

It is important to note that Aluminium Paints are either Acrylic based or Latex based, When being applied on exteriors it is best to not go for high gloss aluminium paints, High-gloss Aluminium paints run a risk of exposing imperfections on the surface if any.

Why Use Aluminium Paints

It is important to first understand that Aluminium paints are used solely for Metal/Aluminium surfaces, this does not mean that there are no other paint options for metal surfaces, even latex or Acrylic paints can also be applied on Aluminium surfaces, however, Aluminium paints are best advised because they are formulated to suit perfectly the area of application, and since most aluminum surfaces are used as exterior coverings and exposed to heat every hour of the day, Aluminium paints are heat resistant and can withstand the tough temperature.

Emulsion Paint: What is Emulsion Paint?

An emulsion as a word refers to a mixture of chemicals to form a homogenous mixture, Emulsion paint as a type of paint refers to a water based paint finish, for interior and exterior wall application. Emulsion Paints are Acrylic based paints and are best bet when it comes to home decoration. It is advisable to get a high quality emulsion paint product when choosing a paint finish.


Paint types are grouped into different classes and types according to composition, primary place of application and most times finish types. as a result we have 3 major types of paint when classified according to composition and 7 types of paint when classified according to primary place of application/use. We would love to show a few of the events this brand (Showers Paints) has hosted in honour of enterpreneurship and to encourage growth. We were at the Kwara International enterprenrenuer retreat and it was simply Amazing, click here to continue reading.

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