Emulsion Paints, are water-based paints made with a mixture of synthetic resins, additives, pigments, and water. Emulsion paints are popular for interior and exterior wall coatings, mostly due to their versatility, durability, and ease of application. Furthermore, emulsion paints are cost-effective compared to other paint textures. This comes in handy, for clients looking for lower-cost yet durable paints.

The Key Features of Emulsion Paints include

Emulsion paints have a water-based formulation, which makes them eco-friendly and easy to clean with water. This is in contrast with oil-based paints which require solvents for cleaning.

Emulsion paints come in a variety of finishes, matt finishes, satin, eggshell, and gloss. This versatility of emulsion allows users a wider range of choice for specific aesthetic preferences.

Compared to Oil Paints, Emulsion paints generally have a quicker drying time, compared to Oil-based paints. This quick drying time peculiar to emulsion paints allows for a faster time range in completing painting projects and reduces downtime.

Building Block of Emulsion Paints

There are three known building blocks that every manufacturer builds emulsion paints on, These building blocks include

  • Viny Acetate monomer
  • Acrylic
  • And Latex Emulsions.

Out of all these building blocks the most popular of the building blocks is acrylic-based emulsions. It is readily available and cost relative.

What Factors Determine Emulsion Paint Prices in Nigeria

The price of Emulsion paints can vary depending on a number of factors, understanding these factors can aid in influencing budgeting for painting projects.

Brand and Quality

There are different brands of paint manufacturers in Nigeria and each has varying quality, this branding and variation in quality go a long way to affecting the pricing. conduct Market research, select a trusted brand, and understand that branding and Quality affect the pricing of the Product.

Selected Finish and Texture

Emulsion Paints come in different textures and Finihses, characterized mostly by their sheen and ability to reflect or absorb light, these textures of emulsion, include, Matt, Satin, or Gloss. It is important to note that each texture comes at varying costs, and a choice of texture affects the pricing of Emulsion


Emulsion paints with better coverage and special features like anti-bacterial and anti-mold features contribute to increasing pricing factors.


Standard Emulsion finishes with great quality output start from12,000 all the way to 60,000 Naira, Emulsion paints are markers of Luxury and class, and 80% of homeowners opt for Emulsion paints over textured coatings, to go over the different varieties of Emulsion paints available on our store section click here