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The world of House paints is a complex trig, to persons with insight who employ the right professional output for advanced knowledge, this complex trig is easy. Paint color selection is an extremely difficult task, some persons employ the help of color professionals for advice, to be able to curb the pitfalls of the wrong choice. We guide our customers and protect them from making bad “Paint Color” decisions that would determine their mood and satisfaction in the years to come. Welcome to Showers Paint.

Choosing the Right House Paint, It’s Not Just About Color

As your tour guide, it would be my pleasure to let you know, that when it comes to house painting, there are many factors to consider beyond just the Paint color. We understand that there are many beautiful colors out there that would pick the interest of any gentleman. Top of the list of beautiful colors this week includes the Russette Color, Magenta color, and Gold color.  However, the type of paint, its durability, and the professionalism of the finish are equally important.

 Eighty (80) out of Hundred (100) homeowners focus on aesthetics when choosing a paint color and forget that the house paint journey is not dependent on aesthetics but on durability and how long it lasts. This is not to say in any way that aesthetics does not matter in the bibliography of house paints, we cannot cross that off just yet. Aesthetics are like ice cream toppings, cake toppings, or pizza toppings, they are not the real deal but without them, pizza is just bread; you need to have the bread before you talk about the pizza.

The Quality of Paint you choose matters as much as the Color

There are a number of physical and mechanical properties that you should look out for when you decide to choose a paint color. These properties are vital, and if overlooked by the manufacturer or the consumer, it would result in coating failures.

  1. Adhesion: (Adhesive force)

The Adhesive force of a substance is its binding ability to a substrate. Paints are applied to a variety of substrate materials, and the higher the adhesive force the easier and faster it is to achieve drying time. To ensure a paint product has a high adhesion level, and the best paint color, check the product’s PVL content. You can also decide to patronize standard regulation observers that follow laid down guidelines. Taking precautions to ensure your paints have a high level of adhesion will save the consumer from many painting defects after painting.

  • Abrasion Resistance:

The resistance of a coat is its ability to withstand scuffing actions that tend to disfigure or change the appearance of its surface. THE PROBLEM OF RESISTANCE TO ABRASION exists all around us: on floors, walls, furniture, automobiles, farm implements, construction equipment, military gear, appliances, shoe soles, and so on. Abrasion resistance is a basic factor in the durability of a coating, and efficient paint color. Its measurement is of practical importance to both producers and consumers. The name around the market for abrasion resistance is paintbrush ability, Paints with low coverage are highly prone to abrasion, and paints with high coverage levels are less frequently prone to abrasion.

As your tour guide, if you have read up to this point,  I want to commend your quest for knowledge and I trust that you will see this to the end, quick catch-up (the two factors so far that assure of a quality paint product Adhesion, brush ability.

Choose a Brand and stick with the Brand

Brands are synonymous with quality, the more popular the brand, the greater the quality of their products. Brands have brand managers or brand management teams who will do all that is within their intellectual power to protect the brand Image. Brands that understand who a consumer is and what he means to the establishment will take strides to ensure that the consumer is protected and served with only the best.

In the world of consumer choices, brand loyalty can be a powerful force. When selecting products or services, it often pays to choose a brand that aligns with your values, preferences, and needs, and then commit to sticking with it. This approach fosters familiarity and trust, ensuring consistent quality and reliability. Furthermore, many brands offer loyalty programs and rewards that can enhance your overall experience and save you money in the long run. By selecting and remaining faithful to a brand that resonates with you, you simplify decision-making and enjoy the benefits of a well-established relationship.

Are we done with getting the basics right?  Thank you for Choosing Showers Paint as your Brand, Here at Showers Paint, we provide our consumers with the very best of quality and treat them like Kings, just as much as we value them. We would love to thrill you with our wonderful array of colors (download the color chart here) and feel free to engage in online paint shopping, we have a store perfectly set up just for you. We are the best online paint store.