This is what a screeded wall looks Like with Showers Paint

Damp No More: Discover 6 Effective Ideas to Cover Damp Walls and Enhance Your Home’s Comfort and Style

Showerspaint provides you with 699 Ideas to cover damp walls effectively, this Picture shows water dripping from a stem.

A lot of persons have had issues related to damp walls in their homes or offices that forced them to make adjustments, These adjustments most times range from complete renovation to sometimes moving out entirely from the property. When damp walls are not professionally handled they constitute a lot of damage, from damage to Interior decorations and properties, to an unpleasant musty smell. Also, they pose the risk of health challenges most especially in the elderly.

The Causes of Damp Walls

  • Defective Roofing
  • Poor Plumbing
  • Roots damaged building wall/foundation creating cracks
  • Age, Walls develop cracks with age
  • Defective sealing of windows

Ideas to cover damp walls and prevent continuing damage

Fix the Problem

I have had a lot of clients come to me and ask if we had damp-proof paints for covering leakages and damp walls, my answer has always been the same, I do not promote a culture of covering up the problem instead of tackling it head on, if leakage is as a result of a burst pipe in the walls, find a good plumber fix up the pipes and then and only then can you begin to look for alternatives to covering up the problem. learn to fix the problem.

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