Textured Coatings by Showers Paint and texcote paint prices

Texcote paint prices are on the upward surge, when we talk about textured coatings (texcote) we refer to this particular category of paints that are coarse or gritty in nature and can easily be used to cover up hairline imperfections on walls, Texcote paint prices have become much of a concern in Nigeria. Texctoe paints can come in different colors and grades, depending solely on the choice of the consumer. Here at Showers Chemicals, we have three grades of textured coatings, The Standard texture, The Superior texture, and the Premium Texture. Before we explore the different market prices of textured coatings let’s go through what they are, the benefits they offer, different from other textures, and a few more additions.

Textured Coatings

Just as explained earlier, these are wall coats with grit or possessing a coarse nature, they are mostly beneficial in areas with Adverse weather conditions, the gritty nature of the coatings helps reduce heat and is less reactive to weather conditions, this means that exterior building coated with textured coatings in Nigeria has a far longer shelf life when compared with emulsion or any other coats, outside the textured coatings. although the texcote paint price is higher when compared with emulsion paint prices in Nigeria.

The Different category of Textured coatings Available.

Owing to our desire to provide every member of our brand with lasting and quality products, Showers Chemicals has grouped products into affordable categories,

1. The Standard Texture: The Standard Texture 20L goes for 12,500 NGN, This texture comprises standard quality for building paints. This can be delivered anywhere around the country (Nigeria), with a delivery flat rate of 3000 NGN for locations within Lagos and Abuja.

2. The second Category is the Superior Texture: higher in quality and durability, more sophisticated than the standard texture outlasts and has more time value, goes for a retail price of 14,000 NGN, with a flat delivery rate of 3000 NGN in locations within Lagos and Abuja.

3. The Third and Final category is the Premium Textured coats: Available to premium members only and has a price range of 16,000 to 35,000 NGN, not all sects of the premium category is available to all customers, This boosts the highest level of quality in the company an has premium offerings for each client to be determined by the company.

Market Prices of Texcote Paint in Nigeria

Texcote paint prices in Nigeria on average differentiate by location, prices on average range from 12,500 – 60,000 depending on the brands and their level of efficiency and popularity. However, customers should understand that the Nigerian market is ripe with inflation and prices surge with every new week. With the level of inflation, it would be difficult to get hold of a steady market price for Textcote paints in Nigeria. Visit here to buy

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