how to create marble effects on walls with showers paints


Luxury-coated homes are defined as homes that have all angles of the home depicted in luxury, from the interiors to the coats. Today, we have many additions that make up the “Luxury Home” concept. Some companies have begun adding smart innovations, like voice-controlled devices, and home automation. However, when you come to luxury home coats, Marble effects are the best option to get a gleaning and shining wall coat and to enjoy the best experience in your new building. Marble finishes are also referred to as marmoreal finish, or Alabaster finish. Marbles are synonymous with smoothness, Marble coats are textured and provide more protective benefits when applied on walls than emulsion paints/textures.

Marmoreal finish and Alabaster finish

Marmoreal finish is the same as marble finish, and the same as Alabaster finish, the trick is that the two names are synonyms of the name marble finish, this means that the walls give the same marble effect and the processes to arrive at the end result of either one of them is one and the same.

Creating Marble Effects on Walls

This procedure is also known as faux painting or marbleizing, this process attempts to imitate the appearance of marble. The steps towards achieving this is complex and require professional abilities to keep the outcome satisfying and professionally aesthetic. Here are seven easy steps to create a marble effect on walls (we would always advise employing an experienced painter for the best results).

Gather your resources and protect your Workspace

It is necessary to always protect your workspace, this includes items or equipment that you don’t want to be stained during the process of painting. It can also extend to wall areas that are excluded from the painting. to protect your workspace you will need to move furniture out of the way, use masking tape to cover all areas that you don’t want to get paint on, and lay out an old blanket on the floor to protect the floor from paint.
Here are a few other supplies that you will need, sandpaper, regular paint and roller and tray, regular or large paint brush, sea sponge roller and tray, feather brush, primer, glaze, and different shades of satin paint.

Smoothen your surface

Here the sandpaper you brought in earlier is used to smoothen out the wall surface. Smoothening out the wall surface before the application of paint is one of the basic principles of wall preparation, this process provides an even better surface for the paint to stick to.

Clean up the Surface

Once you are done with sanding the surface to be painted, give the area a good cleaning, to remove dust, dirt, and grit that may remain, to achieve a high-level cleaning experience it is recommended to use cleaning mixes like water and vinegar at a 1:1 ratio allow the surface to dry up before you continue, a drying time of at least 3 hours is encouraged. This helps mitigate defects that could rise during painting

Apply The First Coat of Satin

Using the regular paint roller apply the first coat of satin on the surface, the first coat is usually a light application, after the application, if the wall is still visible, you can also apply a second coat.

Create large veins using the second satin coat

Veins are color patterns that are evident on marbles, you can study marbles to see the different veins in them. It is necessary to make the color veins with darker colors on a lighter coat. you can use medium-sized brushes to create these veins.
– Blend and smoothen out the veins with a blending brush and sponge, repeat the process this time making smaller veins

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