Standard Quality Emulsion

Before we take the long and interesting dive into Emulsion paints, here is a direct link to our store, you can buy paints directly from there and have them delivered to you anywhere within Nigeria.


Emulsion Paints, There are generally two paint textures, every other upstream are sub derivates of this textures, they are Emulsion and Textured coatings. You can revisit our expose on textured coatings and why it is a more beneficial texture for contractors and homeowners.

Emulsion paints are available in a wide range of colors, compatible with different colors, cost-effective, with less unit weight, easy application technique, and have quick drying time.

The Different types of Emulsion texture

The Emulsion Finish has Eggshell, Satin, and Matt Finish, and a Smooth texture. The shell type is a highly formulated emulsion grade that processes emulsion to a shiny degree, giving a brighter sheen. As a rule of thumb, the shinier the finish the tougher it is and the easier it ios to finish.

Matt Emulsion

Matt emulsion finishes tend to diffuse light instead of reflecting it,