Thick Screeding Bond


This Product is weighed in Liters, (20 Liters) There are a variety of colors available, Clients are expected to use the Showers Paint Color Chart Pick a color of choice and input the Product name and color in the form embedded in this product, Making sure to fill all other information listed there.

Screeding bond” typically refers to a bonding agent or adhesive used in construction and masonry work. It is designed to create a strong and reliable bond between a variety of surfaces, such as concrete, mortar, or plaster, and the substrate to which they are applied. Screeding bond is often used to improve the adhesion and performance of materials, ensuring that they bond securely and evenly to the underlying surface. This helps to enhance the overall structural integrity and durability of the construction project, making it an essential component for achieving a smooth and stable finish during screeding and other construction applications.


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