Light Screeding/POP Emulsion Paints

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Today we will be discussing POP emulsion paints, we dedicated this page specifically to talk about POP emulsion paints/ light screeding. And just before you begin to enjoy the ride, POP emulsion paints are sold on our website you can click here. to purchase, direct bank transfers are used for payments.

Why Wall Screeding:

As the day improves and technology advances, people are beginning to innovate better ways of doing things, better ways of making painting work look far better than it originally did. First buildings were painted immediately after plastering, although Plastering with a cement mixture left the wall surfaces smooth, they were not smooth enough. People noticed that you could still see cement marks after painting and would be able to trace plastering marks on the wall after painting. Then and there inventors and Innovators thought of a better way to make these defects invalid, to grow past these defects. Then came the idea of screening.

The Screeding was a better Chemically prepared mixture that would smoothen the wall surface a lot better than ordinary plastering. this innovation was able to cover wall marks and plastering marks including holes very well. making the walls look defect-free in other words perfect. So defining Screeding simply means, A layer of material applied as covering for walls the material could be a Cement/Screeding bond that aims at smother paint application on walls.

What are Screeding Paints: