Showers Chemical and Allied Industries LTD.

Showers Paint is duly registered under the business name Showers Chemical and Allied Ind. Ltd. and Incorporated under the companies and Allied matters act 2020. 

The company focuses ideally on the manufacture of building paints. From diverse paint textures like emulsion paints, textured coatings, marble finishes,  stucco finishes and many more.

IMG 0874 removebg preview 300x287 1 Showers Paint Showers Paint is the Leading Manufacturer of Building Paints, enamel Paints and Allied Products About Us July 16, 2020

Company History

The history of showers paint is not one of corporate success but a tale of emotional perseverance, and the indomitable spirit of a dedicated family. 

The company’s root traces back to the early 2010’s. The passion and ambition of one man (Stephen E. Okonkwo) was the kick off point for the company. He founded the company in 2012 and led & grew the company. The company has today evolved to the second generation, with Okonkwo I. Kasopuru directing the affairs of the company. for over a decade, The Showers paint team has evolved and continues to perfect itself in innovation, creativity and customer satisfaction.

With a modest workshop and a handful of dedicated artisans, Stephen started producing building paints, the community embraced his vision and showers paint became a beloved name in town. It was not long before his son joined the business and together they made magic.

Showers Paint faced its fair share of challenges. Economic downturns, changes in technology, and fierce competition threatened its existence. Yet, the Showers family held onto their values – quality, innovation, and a deep connection to their customers. In the face of adversity, they found strength in their purpose: to bring joy and beauty to people’s lives.

Core Values

At Showers paint, our core values include:

  1. Honesty: We prioritize honesty in our dealings with people and within ourselves as team. fraudulent practices are far from any member of the showers team and can never have a placehold in our dealings. for this fact, we offer a special company plan that sustains and promotes honesty and transparency in business.
  2. Quality: All product types from Showers paint, are marked as high level quality products. we concur to manufacturing standards and production guidelines to ensure the  productions quality possible.
  3. Innovation: We foster a culture of creativity, continuous improvement, and adaptability. Innovation is at the heart of everything we do.
  4. Customer-Centricity: Our customers are our most valuable asset. We actively listen to their needs, provide outstanding service, and go the extra mile to ensure their satisfaction.

Customer Testimonials

We have a collection of satisfactory, testimonies from our clients. We take great pride in the relationships we’ve built with our valued customers and the experiences they’ve had with our products and services. You’ll find a collection of genuine testimonials from individuals and businesses who have trusted us to meet their needs. These testimonials provide firsthand insight into the quality of our offerings and the level of satisfaction our clients have enjoyed.
john mic unsplash scaled 1 Showers Paint Showers Paint is the Leading Manufacturer of Building Paints, enamel Paints and Allied Products About Us July 16, 2020

Chief Dr. Abaji Okenna. is my name and I came in contact with showers paint in 2018, when I was in search of a paint company to Paint my Estate Buildings. I had previously had issues with Paint quality and flaking walls sometime earlier so I had to take my time this time, to not make any mistakes. Showers Paint delivered and 4 Years Since then and my builidngs still look as new as if the painting job was done yesterday.