Best 15 DIY painting tips for your interior walls

Painting an interior wall

Are you a painter or someone who cannot afford hiring a painter for your home?

This article is for you. Beautifying your home is paramount as it gives the sense of beauty to your home

It is often believed that painting interior houses can be seen as the usual little work done in kindergarten, where young babies paint a surfaces

However it should be treated as more serious than that, due to the fact that first impression in your home is important

Visitors could pay visit to your house or even family members and you sure need to leave a good impression to others  

This article is talking more of tips you should know as a painter when working on an interior wall

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Examples of Interior Walls

Interior walls entails places that are enclosed and hardly exposed to sunlight or the harsh weather

And they are more of houses, offices and many others

Interior walls with painting

Why Should you Understand Painting tips?

As said earlier, your home is beautified when it is well painted.

A fresh paint job actually does more than simply looking good. And you sure do not want to have faded paints on your walls after a few weeks of carrying out the project or walls with multicolor

Understanding these tips as a professional painter gives you an edge among clients as they get to come back to you, due to the good work done previously

And as a part of a family where you would need to help with painting, you need these tips to do a good job and avoid wasting time and materials from the little gathered

Tips you should not neglect when painting interior walls

Tips you should not neglect when painting interior walls

  1. Get high quality equipment

Starting with painting, and decorating your home or that of a client, leaving out good equipment could be a major reason for bad work

Good brushes and roller covers give the best coverage else you waste time repeating the process.

When painting, it can be easy to invest in the paint and leave out equipment, but no matter how good your paint is, bad equipment shows a rough work.

George Crew, licensed general contractor and professional painter at Chicago Paint Crew recommends opting for a ‘thicker roller, like ¾ inch.

According to him “The larger size will also mean that you ‘push down less on the roller creating lap marks”

  • Get quality Paint products

Apart from the equipment, just the way a painting project is rough and bad without quality equipment is the same way a project would be unsuccessful without quality paint products.

Painting walls for interior

Do not just settle for cheapest brands or product, rather prioritize quality, so you do not spend more later on.

First off, write down your budget and go for the best that fits into that budget

  • Repair Cracks before starting out

Cracks are like wall breaks that could occur due to old existence of the house.

You need to repair these wall cracks so it does not spoil the job. Painting with cracking could give the room or building a bad look, thereby making an impression of bad painting work

  • High Quality Primer

Primer is like a preparatory coating which is spread on the surface of the wall, to make the paint stickier after painting

It is usually a means to set the ground for a good paint job, primer is used for various purposes including the fact it can give a brighter color, make the surface bond with the paint, provides a lasting texture to the wall, used to adhere better and seal faster.

Having a quality primer determines the outcome of the surface of the wall. However it is important that proper attention is paid to this as it determines a lot.

  • Prevent staining switches

Have you ever been to an interior whereby you see stains of paints on those switches or on certain equipments in the house?

What comes to your mind first?

 You would immediately think, the work was done by a novice.  

However in carrying out your painting project, you need to avoid these stains as much as possible. You can achieve this by using a painters tape or plastic to protect these switches.

This would help you look professional and have a clean work.

These are five necessary tips amongst many others. Some of the others include

Wear masks to avoid inhaling

Start painting from down to the top

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Equipments needed for painting

We would not only tell you tips but give you ideas of best equipments you need to have when attempting a painting project

Painting interior walls

Here is a list

  1. Paints
  2. Brushes, of all types Angle-cut, Round, Foam and flat
  3. Masking tape
  4. Ladder or step stool
  5. Rags
  6. Sand paper
  7. Scraper
  8. Buckets
  9. Ladder stabilizers
  10. Corner guards
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Key Takeaways for interior walls

A major takeaway is that the major things you need to have to give the best work is good equipment and the best paints

This is why showers paints is here for you

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