Making the most of Accent walls in your home

You are probably wondering what accent walls portray.

Have you visited a place most especially homes, and then found everywhere painted consistently, with a secluded place with beautiful designs?

In this article, you will find out everything about this, why you should use it, and factors to consider in doing this.

What is an Accent Wall?

Accent walls example

An accent wall is one wall in a room that is painted simultaneously with the others.

Therefore, it has a different color and design.

This is usually done in the sitting room, to make it look beautiful.

Over time, Accent walls have shown elegance in a home and also portray beauty

Why use Accent walls?

Accent walls example
  1. Adds Depth and Dimension

Accent walls are beautiful and bring life to the room.

Having one part for the accent wall, you get to have a focal point in the room that immediately draws the eye and adds a sense of depth as it becomes the main visual anchor.

The contrast between the accent wall and the rest of the walls creates a kind of visual separation, thereby making the accent wall stand out, adding dimension to the space 

This contract with the walls can also create some sort of depth as the wall appears to push back and create the perception of a deeper, more spacious room.

For your interior, Accent walls can also be used to layer different design elements, such as artwork, shelving, etc.

All of these contribute to the sense of depth in the room.

When designs are used well on accent walls, they transform a boring flat and interior into a visually engaging environment.

This is when you have visitors come into the house and keep looking around because it is enticing.

  1. Cohesion and harmony 

Accent walls can help put together the overall design of a home. With the design done, perfectly well, it tends to create a sense of harmony in the home.

Generally, Accent walls have the power to transform a space, adding visual interest, personality, and a sense of depth and dimension.

Incorporating these accent walls makes your home aesthetically pleasing and reflective of their unique style and preferences.

  1. They allow you to experiment with bolder and more vibrant colors that you may not want to use on all four walls. 

With this, you have the liberty to explore various designers you would want to use.

  1. It also works for defining different areas of your room.


Where to use Accent walls 

Accent walls can work well for interiors like houses, offices, etc.

Places like bedrooms, living rooms, and even bathrooms.

They are especially effective on the wall that you see first when entering the space.

This however helps draw attention and make an immediate impact.

The part of the wall should be the room’s focal point.

Factors to Consider before choosing a wall for Accent design

  1. Wall Placement and visibility 

The aim of having an accent design on your wall and in your home is to make it a visible wall in the room.

This is the wall that is immediately visible when you enter the space.

In choosing the exact wall to use, look for the most visible part of the room like the top part behind the sofa or the wall opposite the doorway.

  1. Wall Size 

For the wall size, if you want the best results, you should consider making use of a wall that is large enough to contain the design.

Avoid using small walls as they tend not to make as much impact as a larger wall.

Here is an example

  1. Lightning Conditions

Bright light, whether artificial or natural, often brings enlightenment to the room.

A well-crafted area makes it easy for people to see the design.

Therefore in looking for the right wall, you need to consider the well-lighted part of the house.

  1. Furniture Placement 

Starting, you need to check how your furniture is placed.

This is the first part of choosing the right place and wall for your accent design.

Avoid placing large furniture pieces in a way that will obstruct the view or impact of the accent wall.

  1. Proportional Balance 

Another factor to consider is the balance.

Carefully consider, how the accent will visually balance, in the room.

Accent walls can contribute beauty to the room, therefore it should be done well to achieve good results 

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