What are paint sheens? 5 things you need to know

Paint sheens

For your painting project either interior or exterior you should have made preparations for the best paints.

Therafter using the right paints, equipments and letting the professional painters do the job.

Today’s article is about the various types of paint sheens and where you can use them.

What is Paint sheens?

What is Paint sheens?

Imagine, sitting back and looking at the furnished surface of your home.

Paint sheen gloss

This furnished surface is called the paint sheens 

It is also known as paint finish or paint gloss and it refers to the level of reflectivity and shine a paint surface exhibits.

The sheen of a paint is usually determined by the paints’s ability to reflect light and it is a crucial factor in the overall appearance and performance of a painted surface.

In simple terms, the higher the paint sheens, the better it shines, and looks more durable.

Basically, it is the outcome of your painting project, it tells you how much light the paint reflects, 

those with higher sheens, shines more and those with lower sheens reflect less light one other thing to note about the outcome of paint sheens is that the kind of paint you put in also determines the outcomes.

Sheens should be chosen correctly as they amplify imperfections if chosen.

For large and outdoor surfaces lower sheen paint is best

Types of paint sheens and which is best for you?.

Types of paint sheens and which is best for you?.

There are different levels of sheens from flat to very glossy 

  1. Flat paint sheen

According to studies, research and experiments, this has been known to be the least shiny finish. It has a soft look and does not show much light.

It has very little shine overtime and it is used for surfaces like ceilings due to the fact that it is not shiny.

Not just ceilings it covers wall imperfections on wall furnishes, as you can have a number shade of white and off white to improve your room decorations.

As a painter or house decorator, you can take advantage to give the best to your clients.

They are mostly used for painting trim and moldings, as they resist fingerprints and smudges more effectively than matte finish.

Due to how durable flat paint sheens can be they are usually for surfaces that gets a lot of sunlight or bright light 

  1. Gloss paint sheen 

Gloss paints have the highest level of shine. It creates a mirror like finish.

As a painter, it is obvious that you would have come across this paint sheen over time, on getting to the store you could ask for a gloss paint of any type.

After using them on your wall, it looks so easy to clean.

The more light a surface can reflect, the glossier it appears and also the smoother the coating surface, the glossier it appears.

This type of paint is usually used for surfaces like curb wood, doors etc. it is also a good option for your exterior 

Furthermore, there are 5 types of gloss paints sheen including liquid gloss, once gloss, quick dry gloss, satinwood, and eggshell.

  1. Satin paint sheen 

Satin paint sheen have a smooth finish with a medium shiny face. It feels glossier than eggshell and semi gloss paints.

In the early days of producing this type of paint sheen, they were styled as dulled versions of high satins paints mid range 30 to 40 percent PVC rating, showing that it posseses a moderate amount of binders 

  1. Eggshell paint sheen 

This type of sheen has a slightly reflective “egg shell-like” finish 

It is named egg shell because it comes from the fact that this type of paint has a very slightly reflective surface of an eggshell.

This type of sheen is more durable and washable than flat paints, but not as tough as higher sheer.

It is usually used for surfaces like walls, ceilings and interior surfaces at large.

  1. Semi Gloss Sheen 

This type has a higher level of sheen than egg shell and satin.

Creating smooth surfaces on walls, it is more pronounced and also very easy to scrub and wash.

With it’s quality, it brightens the interiors of a place various places this type is used includes doors, cabinets, bathrooms, kitchens and many interior surfaces.

5 places to use common types of sheens 

5 places to use common types of sheens 

  • Cabinets. 
  • Bathrooms
  • Hallways
  • Living rooms
  • Ceilings

The major difference between paint sheen.

The major difference between paint sheen.

Paint sheens are of different types as discussed earlier and they are used for several purposes 

However a major difference is that higher paint sheens reflect more light and are easier to clean while other ones highlight wall imperfections.

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