Intro video for the Kwara State Enterpreneurs Retreat.

The Kwara enterpreneurs retreat, sponsored by Showers paint, held on the 29th of January 2024, was a huge success and here are a few things you need to know. The word enterprenuer refers to one who employs time and effort to create marketable oppourtunities/value in exchange for monetary rewards. Nigeria itself as a country is entirely route with diverse oppourtunities and space to create and be innovative as well as reap the benefits of Innovation. As a result the country has the largest crop of enterpreneurs in Africa with different startup programs that have amassed in monetary value billions of naira.

Kwara State Dinner and Awards Night Hosted by (KIER By Nonagon) and (Showers Paint)

In collaboration with the Kwara State Governor, Nonagon (Chaired by Fatimah Zareeeyah), and Showers Chemicals (Director Okonkwo Kasopuru) The Kwara State enterpreneur retreat was founded to aid harvest the many talents and creativities in the Nigerian space, Particularly in Kwara. This program born out of the initiative of the Kwara State Governor and Mrs Zahra Fatimah was paramount in achieving one of the very first harvests of enterprenueral talents in Kwara State.

The 3 days retreat had over 2000 delegates from all over Nigeria in attendance, with expositions on profitable techniques in doing business in Nigeria, with expositors from different companies and brands resident in Kwara and in Nigeria at Large. In attendance were the esteemed CEO’s like Tony Elumelu and many more.

"Showers Paint Empowers Entrepreneurs at Kwara State Retreat: Igniting Innovation for Growth" Image in the Picture depicts Tony Elumelu Chairman UBA

The Enterpreneurs Retreat had business development events, oppourtunities for business owners to pitch for business grants, Networking oppourtunities with big time industry giants, Dinner and Award nights and a waterside party.

Showers paint as a Program Sponsor

In the dynamic world of entrepreneurship, empowerment and support play a critical role as success drivers. Showers Paint realized this and recently made a significant advancement by supporting an educational retreat for business owners in Kwara State, Nigeria. This program demonstrates Showers Paint’s dedication to community development and emphasizes the important role that businesses can play in supporting regional entrepreneurial ecosystems.

The Significance of retreats for Entrepreneurs

Kwara State Enterpreneurs Retreat held by Showers Paint and Kier by Nonagon in Kwara State Nigeria.

Retreats for entrepreneurs provide a priceless forum for both aspiring and seasoned business owners. They provide a special fusion of mentorship sessions, skill-building programs, and networking opportunities. These kind of events give business owners the ability to network with like-minded people, exchange stories, and learn from professionals in the field. Furthermore, retreats frequently act as creative incubators, generating fresh concepts and joint ventures that can propel company expansion.

The Empowerment Vision of Showers Paint

Leading company in Nigeria’s paint sector, Showers Paint, has always supported community development and entrepreneurship. The corporation demonstrated once again how committed it is to encouraging people to follow their entrepreneurial aspirations by supporting the entrepreneurs’ retreat in Kwara State.

As a result of Showers Paint’s sponsorship, participants were able to grow their networks and develop their entrepreneurial talents by having access to priceless resources and knowledge. Furthermore, the company’s participation demonstrated its conviction that entrepreneurship has the capacity to revolutionize society and spur economic growth.

Commitment to Community Service

Showers Paint’s endorsement of the entrepreneurs’ retreat in Kwara State is a clear example of its dedication to community development. The corporation is supporting both economic growth and the community’s social fiber by funding programs that give local entrepreneurs more authority. This dedication reflects a sincere confidence in people’s ability to effect positive change in their local communities and goes beyond simple business responsibility. By means of joint ventures and cooperative endeavors, Showers Paint is proactively participating in the establishment of a more lively and robust regional ecosystem, wherein communities prosper and entrepreneurship prospers.

Cross Section of the delegates at The Kwara International Enterpreneur Retreat, Held by Showers Paint and KIER by Nonagon

Showers Paint’s sponsorship of the entrepreneurs’ retreat in Kwara State is centered around innovation. The retreat acts as a fertile ground for creative solutions to regional problems by offering a forum for cooperation, idea sharing, and skill development. Showers Paint understands that innovation and creativity are essential for entrepreneurship, and by sponsoring innovative events, the company is promoting an innovative and problem-solving culture in the community. Showers Paint’s support not only helps individual entrepreneurs succeed, but it also fosters a more innovative culture that could lead to significant development and progress in Kwara State and beyond.

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