Iron Oxide Pigments

When we talk about Iron oxide Pigments, we refer to the coloring agents used in manufacturing building paints. They are Chemically manufactured. One of their many properties is their lightfast ability to be stable in any medium and soluble in equivalent emulsifiers. Paints containing iron piments are mostly recommended for building exteriors.

What is Pigment?

Pigments are chemically synthesized colored materials. They are insoluble in water but can be dissolved with the right solvent sometimes. Kerosene a factor of petroleum distillation is used locally to do this. A pigment and a dye may actually be similar aside from the fact that dyes are easily soluble but pigments are not.

What are the Different Types of Pigments?

There are whole different types of pigment available in the world. This is because this pigment is useful in very many industries. for example, pigments are useful in cream production that is to say the skin beautification industry. Biologically pigments are present in Chameleons and they are the real reason why Chameleons are able to change color at will.

What are the Different colors of Iron Oxide Pigments?

Iron Oxide Pigments are comprised of a lot of colors. These pigments are Chemically manufactured therefore whatever color code is needed can be produced. According to popular opinion, all earth colors are available in these pigments.

Yipin Iron Oxide Pigments

For a little, over 80 years one of the best producers of Iron oxide in the market has been a german company known as Yipin. Yipin produces its oxides by adding diversely modified additives and micro-ionizing these oxides. You can scroll to our shop section and add these oxides to your buy cart.

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