Five Reasons why Color is more than just Painting

Color is more than just painting. Simple. In understanding color and painting we get to understand why both are autonomous and yet need each other. Painting is an illustration or artwork done with the use of paint(s). What is color anyway? It’s just our perception of light waves. The school of thought concerning color was not relevant in the West until the 18th century. Thousands of years ago, people created paintings and sculptures that had very little to do with color theory and relied only on what was available to them: natural pigments and rock. Subjectively, then, color is a sensation, man’s reaction to light rising in part from the optic nerve, and art from education and experience of color, and perhaps in the largest part, simply from the human senses.

Theory Of Color

The first known theory of color is from the Greek philosopher Aristotle, who suggested that all colors came from white and black. He also believed that four basic colors represent elements of the world: red (fire), blue (air), green (water), and gray (earth). Meanwhile, the first men used animal blood to color paintings. All colors emanate from white and black, so they used charcoal and white stones to paint.

Three measurable Attributes of Color

Color has three attributes that measure it. Those attributes were scientifically brought into light by Boston artist and teacher Albert Henry Munson (1858–1918). Those attributes are Hue, value, and Chroma or Intensity.


Hue refers to the color itself, which differentiates it from other colors, and stands as a representative of the name assigned to the color such as blue, green, etc.


Value is the darkness or lightness of a hue. When hues are mixed with white, the resulting color will have a lighter value called tints. When hues are mixed with the color black, they have a darker value called shades. The many values of a hue can be shown on clothing materials called swatches or on painting boards.


Chroma is the aspect of a color’s hue that depends on the amount of white or black in it; saturation. This helps to determine the amount of light or darkness engaged in painting.

Color As a Meaning of Painting

To truly understand why we don’t just paint out of curiosity, desire, or even for the need to beautify. To understand why science relentlessly evolves in the painting industry, we have to understand what colors stand for, or at least the meanings we attach to them. Why do residential areas look different as opposed to our offices and restaurants different from both?

What Colors Represent

Blue invokes a calming effect. It reduces blood pressure and appetite. Most spas, hotels, and medical offices use blues and greens. This is highly popular in coastal communities and it is a great way to bring the outside (Nature) in, and create a tranquil atmosphere, as some of the homes there are second homes.
Warm colors have a yellow undertone and can be associated with emotions ranging from happiness to harsher emotions. Red, orange, and yellow fall in this category. They stimulate appetite, excite the mind, and are activating.
So let’s take each color, and look at the emotions and connotations they can manifest.
Red is the color of power, romance, excitement, and ambition. It also stimulates the appetite.

Green is the color of life and freshness.

These are a few examples of colors and their meanings. This is the most powerful reason why colors are more than just paintings. Humans seek meaning and that pursuit drives humanity when it comes to their choice of designs and decorations.

Colors now, more than ever are taking greater significance in our world. Colors give us meaning.

This Little intro goes to explain the fact that in painting we don’t just choose colors randomly. Color selection is a tricky game that requires professionalism. When this color professionalism is neglected it can bring about dissatisfaction in the long run.


Color is more than Just Painting. There is more in-depth knowledge required to achieve long-term satisfaction. You can read through our previous posts on colors and Street Arts. Alternatively, you can reach out to our contact addresses for a professional evaluation.


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