Ten Inviting Colors for Home Exteriors

The Painting industry is a very delicate sector to approach. Paint Production and Application are sectors that require Special Care. And expertise because one minor error can ruin your entire input and effort. Exterior coatings require a different kind of professional supervision. The Major reason is that without inviting colors for your home exteriors. You may end up with a poor project result and be dissatisfied with your result.

Home Exteriors

The exterior of a building refers to all the parts of the building that are visible to you right before you step into the house. This can include the sit-outs the walls and so on. This Area by implication is the first presentation and significant factor that people see. Therefore the exterior of a building is a place that demands extra care and professionalism.

What are the Conditions that give optimal results in house painting?

For a long time. We have made reference to the need for surface preparation. Surface preparation before the application of Paints or coats gives room to ensure optimal results and deny interference of some impurities like dust or debris or poorly cemented or layered walls.

The Best Color Combinations For exteriors

Before Making color selections you need to know the rules of exterior coatings. Whatever color selection you pick ensure that your texture is right. There are varying grades of paint textures and not all textures are suited for exteriors. In the same vein, not all textures are suited for interiors. some of the best textures for exteriors include Textured coatings with grit, Matt finishes, and Satin and Marble effects. Take note Emulsion coatings are not in any way suitable for exteriors because they can not withstand weather conditions and other environmental factors.

Reds with Alternates of whites or Grey

Home colour design outside: House colours images and house painting colour combinations

One thing to actually get right here is the texture. For some reason, Reds don’t look beautiful enough if they are not in the smoothest texture possible. I personally prefer the Satin Texture. Then combined with alternates of whites or greys. This would give the best result possible.

Home colour design outside: House colours images and house painting colour combinations
Cream and Browns

Brown is that it gives off royalty vibes and no matter how much you try to hide it. Cream and Brown colored exteriors will always give you that feel of royalty. Brown mixes very well with cream. This subtle yet powerful color combination is second best only to the reds (My personal estimation )

Home colour design outside: House colours images and house painting colour combinations
Whites and Shades of Blue

Almighty Whites!, I wonder if we ever have a high-tech company that would not recommend whites as an exterior coat for your home? if not whites what other color. but right here at showers paint, we go the extra mile to recommend something a level higher than Quality. Whites when combined with certain Shades of blue provide Dreamworks and pure magic. With this kind of color combination in your home exterior, you will always fall in love with your home over and over again.

Grey whites and Orange

Home colour design outside: House colours images and house painting colour combinations
Grey whites and orange

This Color combination is the new innovation and mostly they don’t come in paint coatings but wall panels. Thoroughly engineered wall panels. the White and Grey Provide a base for the Orange combination to shoot forward. This color combination is one of the most popular color combinations this year.

Home colour design outside: House colours images and house painting colour combinations

Showers Paint


It is good to note that White is a successful exterior background. This is because this color blends so well with every other base or combined color introduced to the equation. The final color combination for home exteriors that we suggest to you in the year 2021 is the Olive green and whites. This color combination mainly is for urban cities and countries. It blends well with the environment and gives a feel of a calm collected environment.

How Much Does it cost to Paint A House?

To get the actual cost or quotation to paint a house you need to reach out to the customer unit of showers paint interglobal resources. A building evaluation will be done and your estimate be given to you. Outside that an average cost of painting houses may not help you that much because your house size may be smaller or bigger. This variability is why we advise to go for a house quotation when trying to determine House painting cost.

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