Building Design: The Green Color Psychology

Before we dive right into the psychology of the green color. We have to first understand the Psychology of this color in Architecture. What does Green Represent in Architecture? whenever the green color pops up in building sites. Architecturally it is used to represent calm, tranquility, serenity, and well-being. Buildings such as Schools, Hospitals, and relaxation centers are cleared Architecturally for the color green. This is because these areas are high serenity and tranquility requiring places and green is the closest color in the psychology wheel to provide them.

What Are Green Building Designs?

These represent Nature. Green building designs refer to architectural processes that are complementary to mother nature. From siting of these Architectural structures. To the materials used to construct these structures. But Particularly we may not be talking about green building designs. This Post is about green color in building designs and why it is important.

The Importance of The Green Color in Building Interior Designs

This color is used in building interior designs to create a restorative and soothing atmosphere. It brings with it a Lively look In Interiors. But then, because of its Peculiarities, there are certain rules that directly apply to its efficient use. Green Colors are not fit for use in ceilings unless under professional supervision. If the color is too bright or too dark it could really be Disturbing. Defeating the aim for which it was created. When used on walls mild tones of green create a relaxing atmosphere. However, when too dark the color can end up becoming irritating to the eyes. This color is most preferred in interior designs due to its calming effect and soothing effect on the eyes.

The Importance of Green Color In Building Exterior Designs

To Achieve A lively nature-themed design, The color green is a vital factor to be added to the mix. Either in flowerpots or as any other design theme format. But either way green is the most conversant color in the design. How do you incorporate the green color in exterior Building designs? window hoods and balconies or sit-outs are the best-suited portions in the exteriors of the building for the color green. They can be in satin coat format/emulsion/textured coatings. In whatever coat form The green color always comes out beautiful.

The Color Psychology of Green

Green is Nature’s direct representative. The color bears all the attributes of nature and by which nature is identified. It has the calmness of nature, the tranquility and the liveliness through which we associate everything natural. There are different shades of this color. In its various stages it is well represented in nature. Irritability to this color comes in the wrong use of varying shades of green. Children’s class rooms, hospitals and most times churches or generally worship centers adopt this color because of its psychological effect.

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