House Painting Tutorial For Beginners

House Painting tutorials ranked top on youtube in the last week. This means that a lot of users were looking for information on house painting.

The Proper introduction to House Painting:

The major work a beginner has to do lies in understanding color. And making the right color choice or recommendation. Lighter colors can make a room look larger, and bolder colors can energize a lackluster room that needs a boost. Once the beginner can confidently make color choices that are up to par a major percentage of his work is done.

Preparation Work:

This is a whole lot of major work as well. Second only to color consideration. Preparatory work involves washing the walls. Make sure the surface to be painted has no drawbacks that would inhibit a good result. Drawbacks include damp walls. Walls that already have a previous paint coat on them as well as any other factors that would inhibit the smooth process of painting. Such as cellophane still attached to the wall. Generally, it refers to keeping the surface to be painted pure and in order.


This involves making up for imperfections on the walls. A distinct example is if you are painting a Satin coat onto a wall. Then the first preparatory process should be to sandpaper the wall until you get an even smooth surface. If you are painting an emulsion coat then nails and walls holes should be covered. This can be done using white Cement. The primer Procedure also involves covering wall accessories to avoid paint getting on them. Wall accessories include wall sockets Fan switches and More. The third Process is about getting your primers up to date.

Get Quality Tools:

You see, You don’t want to stop your work halfway because your tools don’t agree with you. or because they are fluxing. This is why you have to invest properly in getting the right quality tools for the job. Get quality rollers and hand brushes. You’ll need plenty of nylon bristle brushes for water-based paint. Natural-bristled brushes for oil-based paint and foam brushes for intricate work. Rollers save time while an extension pole might save your back.

Make Sure to Mix the Paints well:

Sometimes sediment swoons down to the bottom bucket to stay. Without proper mixing of the paints, you might just waste all your efforts. Moreover, it is better to mix different buckets of THE SAME PAINT COLOR together. This is to enable you to get a perfect color grade and not have variations for the same color. Mixing different buckets or gallons of the same paint color in one container also serves as a convenient method. And it reduces the stress in painting.

House Painting Tutorial for Beginners

How To Make Paint Strokes

What ever the Paint coat type you are applying it is always better to take your strokes one Stroke at a time. From top to bottom then next line up down next line. When you get to the edge of the wall you can return and do a second coat repeating the same procedure a second time. Professionals advise a third coat. So if you have enough paint to go round, always go for the third coat. It won’t do any harm.

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