Color Cement: A Brief Introduction

For a certain group of readers, this happens to be their first time coming across the concept of colored cement. The question running through their minds at the moment would be “What is Colored Cement?” “What are they Used For?”. Not to worry my first job is to clear you on this and I am pretty good at doing my job.

What are/is Colored Cement?

When you mix ordinary cement with colored or coloring mineral pigments. You get Colored cement, but then care has to be taken to ensure that the mix ratio is in order. The number of Mineral pigments may not exceed 10 percent. Otherwise, the cement strength is affected. There is a need to note that chromium Oxide mixed with Cement gives a green color and Cobalt turns blue, and Manganese turns Brown.

What is Colored Cement Used for?

The colored cement is widely used for finishing floors, and external surfaces. Artificial marble, window sill slabs, textured panel faces, stair treads, etc.

Colored Concrete Floors

Floor Marbles and tiles are really expensive stuff in the marketplace and If you want something similar but at a subsidized rate then the colored concrete will be a nice option. The good thing about them is that you can decide what color or color combination you use. Colored concrete floors can be achieved in two ways, one by using colored floor cement or by using floor paints. Although there are a whole lot of ways to achieve a colored concrete floor. coloring the concrete mix or using floor paints remain the two most common methods.

Window sill Slabs

Colored Cement is not just used on floors and It can also be used on window sill slabs. Textured Panel faces, and stair treads. In all areas of application, colored cement enhances surface beauty and color.

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