Interior Design Trends of 2022

The World of interior design keeps evolving every single minute and information fades away by the second. This simple reason is why you need to keep yourself abreast with current information every minute of the day. That is why today on this website we are bringing you the most up to date information.

What are the current Trends of 2022

Before I take you on a tour of these trends of 2022, I want to call our minds back to the year of the pandemic and with it issue a reminder that Materialism is not the best although not totally irrelevant. Humanity supersedes all. now lets go..

interior design trends 1
interior design trends 1

The Vintage and Retro Blend

Some guys prefer to call it the newstalgia this combines Vintage designs with retro furnishings with luxe finishes and top-of-the-line tech, so it feels current and evocative. Think: Pairing your great grandmother’s oak-wood sideboard with a contemporary Calcutta marble dining table. This Means instead of going all Vintage in Interior Designs you can decide to incorporate a feel of vintage with the Modern outings. Generally this design hack works wonders and gives a feel at home feeling whereever it is used.

Adding Sculpture Lightings to the mix:

interior design trends 3 VERT
Sculpture lighting

In Interior Designs Lighting has an uncanny advantage, The amount of sunlight of artificial light that gets into a room is very vital in highlighting the design strenght of the room, when the lighting is low it can affect the design negatively when the lighting is too high it can still affect the design negatively. Sculptural Lighting The coolest upgrade you can make to your home this year? Sculptural lighting. Etsy’s 2021 trend report revealed a 27 percent increase in sculptural lighting—from spider pendants to abstract sconces—that add character and eccentricity to a space.

interior design trends 2 VERT

Personality Driven Design Trends:

In Making Designs there is need to incorporate the personal choices and traits of the individual or organisation. More personalised design trends are up in 2022 knocking off the former professional portfolio design. Incorporating personal drive in Designs champions the acceptability ratio of the design to the client.

“Our personalities are big, complex, colorful, and interesting — so when you put all these ingredients together, the end result is, you guessed it, maximalism.”

—Briellyn Turton

Dual Purpose Rooms

A Dual Purpose room is any room in which you introduce office elements while working from home Soon after the pandemic working from home became more popular and accepted. and kudos to the Digital Age you can have your office anywhere anytime. Dual Purpose rooms are the new in- Thing in Interior Design and it is simple and cost effective. A simple working desk fitted perfectly in a room can get one up and running.

“If possible, introduce office elements in rooms like your dining room or kitchen — not rooms that are meant for relaxation (like your living room or bedroom) so you can maintain work-life balance and take care of your mental health!”

—Kiva Brent

Using Earth Tones and Shades of Brown:

Earth Tones and Shades of Brown are Designers effort at trying to replicate nature’s color/view indoors. Since we are so in love with nature and yet find little time to go visit her, we might as well replicate nature in our interiors and feel at home with Mother Nature. earth tones help a space feel warm and cozy.

“I love earth tones in a home, because they feel grounding and calm while still being warm. Good riddance to the cool grays of yesterday!”

—Sasha Dudley

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