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I recently took a long-needed break from work to get myself together up and running and back on track. Of course, the pressure was becoming unbearable and I needed a safe space. Did a little reading as well and traveled too. One of the many books I read up during my break period was the Nok Arts concept and seeing that we run a house design and Paint blog I probably thought doing a little heads up on the Nok Arts would be appreciated. So here we go.

Nok sculpture, terracotta, Louvre

The Nok Arts Concept:

Nok Arts are specifically attributed to Northern Nigeria Protectorates The Kaduna State People. They were well known for making terracotta sculptures or arts. This Type of Art was Made from Iron smelting. Recently these ancient arts began to resurface again As a result of natural erosion and deposition. Carbon dating places the age of these art pieces at above 2900 BC. They were hypothetically used as representations for Ancestral Figures, for prayers, or for charms to protect farmlands.

Looting of the Nok Arts:

Nigeria and Africa in general have been privy to looting from the west mainly. These kinds of looting did not segregate from Arts and other natural resources. What I Am trying to say is that Most of these Artworks were whisked abroad and kept in foreign museums. The ones that were not stolen away were poorly kept and led to the Damage of most of these artworks. But with the new revival in Arts and collection. some of these artworks are being returned and the ones that are still in custody are being kept in better conditions. Curtesy of Chimamanda Adichie and other Nationalists who have called for its return.

The Role of Nok Arts In Interior Design:

Probably you have been asking why the interest in Nok Arts? You see, Artworks especially sculptures and more precisely Nok arts are beautiful ways to lift the aesthetics of your living room and announce your African heritage. This can be evidently seen in the homes of Chieftains or Kings. Also Traditional Men.

In Using Nok Arts as a form of decoration one must Understand to not overcrowd an Area and be careful of Positioning. This simple factor can make or mar your purpose.

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