The Role of Art in Warfare

The Great Global Divide

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War And Art

Volodymir Zelensky Echoes Churchill’s speech: “We Will Fight To The End”. Good Morning, If you follow the recent trend of global Crisis. What I highlighted above is today’s comment (9th march) from President Volodymir Zelensky to the Russian Mafia we will Fight to the end.

Politically one might wonder what has Art got to do with politics. What has Art to do with governance? Questions like, Is Art that relevant?. Well, today I bring you a detailed explanation of the Importance of Art and its role in War and Warfare.

Protecting Art in War

Nobody prays for war, But when it happens, Bravado is expected. Accompanying bravado is the security of lives and Artwork. Yeah, you read it right Artwork. You see, Art in its diversity represents the history and cultural heritage of a nation or people. A nation that loses its heritage in arts has lost 80% of everything. This Story of Deane Keller a Yale University Art Professor who became a monument man in his contributions to helping save Italy’s art Treasures in war will inspire you. Dale was more of a portrait artist in terms of artistic prowess.

The General Role of Art

Art in its different forms performs one role, to tell a story. Whether it be a historical account or a Present Account or a futuristic one. All forms of Art endeavor to tell a story.

War Artists

The role of this artist and his work is to embrace the causes, course, and consequences of conflict and has an essentially educational purpose. They educate about the happenings of war, how it began, what happened, How it ended. Artists record military activities in ways that cameras and the written word cannot. Their art collects and distills the experiences of the men and women who endured it. Official war artists have been appointed by governments for information or propaganda purposes and to record events on the battlefield.

Specific Role of Art in War|Conflicts

  • To Preserve Culture and heritage of Nations Being Torn to shreds by war.
  • Document History
  • Help reduce Negative emotion
  • Bolster Confidence in time of Conflict.

How Art Preserves Culture and Heritage

In Documenting the occurrences of War. The effects, In imageries and otherwise Art|Paintings tend to evoke emotions that would lead to giving information about the dangers of war. The reason why this conflict|war came about and devising its own way to try and stop it. Scientists are still looking to understand the relationship between the brain and Art.

How Art Bolsters Confidence in Conflicts

Necessarily, we need to look at the Nigerian SARs Protest as a case study. During this protest, different artworks digital forms, and canvas physical forms kept flooding key areas of the conflict. These Artworks conveyed a message. A message of resistance and defiance. Most of the artworks that trended during those seasons were an image of a tightly clenched fist with chains falling beside it. These simple images pass the message or information of freedom from slavery and resistance to oppression.

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How Art reduces Negative Emotion in Conflicts

Read up the Story of the Yale University Art professor who was handier with a brush than a gun yet caught in the middle of a raging Italian war. Dale kept on sending his son self-painted artworks of himself in the bathroom with a soldier helmet on or some other fun pieces. This kind of art helps to evoke emotions of happiness while stamping out sadness and worry. This is one of the major ways Art helps eliminate negative emotion in Times of conflict. There are exhibition centers that use art to tell a story. Art Exhibition centers are spread far and near globally. The New Haven exhibition center is an example.

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