All you Need to Know About Labels and Product Labelling

Product Labelling:

The first factor that appeals to the human eye with respect to product display is the label and product information. Product Labelling is an important part of marketing a product. There is no arm of Manufacturing or Professional Service system that will do well in the 21st century without labeling. In its absence, there would be confusion. Simply said it is the distinguishing factor in the numerous products in the market.

Labeling is essential because it helps to grab the attention of customers. It is a means of passing across information in a concise and straightforward manner to the potential buyer.

Why is Product Labelling Important?

Labeling is in Line with Industrial Regulatory Compliance Policies:

Industrial compliance policies are a set of laws or processes put in place to keep industrial workers safe and keep customers safe as well. These Policies bother on explaining in detail what the product is all about. The hazards level of the product the name of the product, and the product makeup (in some cases). All these tiny bits of information help to inform and market the product to the user and indirectly safeguard the user as well. Products without labels go against industrial compliance processes. Read the Industrial label guide as posted by research gate here.

Marking Ownership:

This part is the vital aspect of labeling. The main and foremost information that a label carries is the brand name or ownership mark. It distinguishes a product, gives it that air of belonging. The I belong to the showers brand kind of feeling. Many facilities have very small-sized products which are always at risk of being stolen a product label serves as a deterrent.

To Avoid Product confusion:

When you carefully label out a Product, providing the base necessities, You avoid confusion. Misplacing and Misusing items or products. Labels state out what a product represents and what it stands for. With labeling, products are clearly classified and set in their order.

Informing The Customer on how to use The Product:

Labels help Inform the customer on what the product is about and how to use the product. The name and Brand of the Product are also information bits passed on by labels.

Labels Help The Product Stand out

Labels are Safe Guards against Counterfeits:

labels can identify genuine goods through the use of serial numbers, random lot numbers, destructible labels, and hard-to-replicate label details.

What should a Product Label Include:

We have been talking about product labels and their importance for a long time now. There is a need to carefully state the necessary factors that a product label should include to be able to make it standard.

  • A product Label is expected to include The Brand name This is one of the most important components of a label.
  • Product name: The Product name is the next important detail of a label. It helps to distinguish the product.
  • Product size: The size of the product whether in Centi Liter, Liter or Kg or in other minute measuring standards
  • Bar-code: The barcode if available is applicable here on the paint label. It helps to ensure the genuineness of the product.
  • Company name, City, State, and Zip Code: The next information that a label carries is the company name The city where the company is located, the state, and the Zip code.
  • Certifications (if any): The companies certification like certification of quality and standard procedure organization certifications. These certifications are also part of the label.

How to Organize and setup Your Labels for Maximum Effect:

  1. Labels should be fairly large so customers can read the label on the can while it is on the shelf
  2. Labels should be placed on the side of cans. Placing labels on the side of the can is the best option like it doesn’t make sense to place your labels on top of the cans or Under it, Think about shelf readers.
  3. Black Indelible ink should be used to create the label.
  4. Labeling Information should be specific. Sticking to the format stated above would be better.
  5. State the name of the Color and Color number if you are labeling a paint Product.

Label Designs Containing Images:

Label designs that contain images are far better than all text designs. This is because images are more friendly to the human eye and can easily pass images faster than texts. There are specific patterns to choosing an image for your label. Images must be relative to the brand the product represents or something similar to the brand. A cupcake is enough image replica for a cake or pastry bakery. A paintbrush is enough image representation for a Paint company. The Image just has to be relative enough to pass across the message that the text is accompanying.

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