Drier in Paint Production

Driers in Paint Production

The word Drier and Dryers are both Homonyms but they mean absolutely different things. A dryer refers to a machine that helps to dry materials making them less wet. A drier on the other hand is an adjective that means more dry. In paint production, however, driers refer to organometallic salts that reduce drying time in Paints.

What are Driers In Paint Production?

The use of driers is more prevalent in anti-corrosive paints. Paint production involves four major components Binders, Pigments, Volatile Organic compounds, and additives. Driers are part of the additive components. As stated earlier They aid in reducing the drying time of paint coats.  Paints that have driers can give observers the joy of watching their house paints dry in a few minutes instead of waiting days.

Common Paint Driers:

Some common paint driers are iron octoate, calcium octoate, cobalt octoate, zinc octoate, copper octoate, barium octoate and lead octoate. It is necessary to explain that driers are grouped into water-based paint driers and oil-based paint driers.

What are Cobalt Driers?

Cobalt Driers are fast phasing out. Their fast decline is a result of the level of toxicity associated with them. They have great anti-skinning properties in paints but when it comes in contact with flesh it can lead to surface Peeling. Cobalt driers are Purple blue in color and are used mostly in local industries and establishments. The trend in driers is cobalt-free.

Can Paint Driers reduce Corrosion?

Corrosion occurs in steel or Iron. oil based Paints are the best coats for steel or Iron and their status in preventing corrosion is positive. Paint Driers used in oil-based paints are a part of the process. They effectively aid in reducing the prevalence of corrosion in steel and Iron.

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