What are Titanium Dioxide/Uses in the paint industry

TiO2 is a powder-like whitish chemical that basically functions in giving coverage or opacity to paints. it is used in the paint industry in the production of Paints like satin paints where it gives opacity to paints. TiO2 can be bought online @showerspaint.com with commensurate delivery fees.

The Process of TiO2 Use in the Painting Industry:

Obtaining complete dispersion:

The effective usage of this chemical depends on how well the dispersion process went. The optimal result depends on how well the two pigments that make up TiO2 are dispersed and integrated into the paint base or body. There are two very special processes based on the concept of high-energy dispersion techniques to achieve this optimal dispersion of the pigments.

1. Disk disperser (often called dissolver)
2. Pearl mill

The Disk Disperser Method:

Disk Disperser, Paint equipment, TiO2, Titanium Dioxide
This method makes use of a rotary disk with sharp blades at the ends of the rotary disk. This Disk spins at a high altitude in a circular motion and disperses the pigments when dissolved with water or liquid base. In most paint production firms, the Disk Disperser is the common equipment of choice due to its high result efficiency probability.

The Pearl Mill:

This method is a more efficient one than the Disk Disperser method; the Pearl Mill gives a more complete Separation.

Stabilizing TiO2 against Flocculation:

Flocculation is the spontaneous gluing together of solid particles in a liquid caused by the attractive forces between the particles. A dispersant is introduced into the separated mixture to prevent this from taking place. The end-point of the dispersant is to prevent the different pigments of TiO2 from gluing back together and ensure a proper mixture.

Once this separation is done the optimal effect of the chemical TiO2 is obtained and the end product (paint) comes out with matching Opacity or coverage. The coverage level of the TiO2 is also dependent on a second factor which is the quantity of TiO2 used in the Paint Mixture.
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