Wallpaper room design ideas 2022

Wallpaper room design ideas 2022

Wallpaper designs are slowly becoming the new trend in interior designs. They are used decoratively in rooms and sitting rooms.  Wallpapers most time are combined with paints to produce exquisite designs or used alone in a ceiling-to-wall pattern to design a room or Parlor as the case may be. To be able to get the best out of wallpapers and not get in the negative you need a sound knowledge of how wallpapers work and how best to combine wallpapers’ room designs.

The Different types and Sizes of wall Papers

When you talk about wallpaper types in terms of production they include

  • Painted wallpaper,
  • Hand-printed block wood wallpaper,
  • Hand-printed stencil wallpaper,
  • Machine-printed wallpaper,
  • Flock wallpaper.

Painted Wallpaper:

This type is mostly hand-painted onto silk treated with hardening glue and then backed with rice paper; a design is created in a series of paneled sections that arrive in rolls to be hung on the wall in the same way as printed wallpaper.

Hand-Printed stencil wallpaper:

Stencil Printings is the process of depositing solder paste on the printed wiring boards (PWBs).

Machine-Printed wallpapers:

These are the most common types of wallpapers available.

Flock wallpapers:

Flock wallpaper was originally invented to imitate expensive cut-velvet hangings. Traditionally it was created by adding ‘flock’ – a waste product of the woolen cloth industry, which came in powdered form – to an adhesive-coated cloth to create a raised velvet-like textured pattern or design.

Wallpaper Sizes:

Wallpaper is printed in three standard widths, 21 inches, 27 inches, and 42 inches. These are the standard industry sizes of wallpapers.


One single roll of wallpaper yields approximately 50 square feet of usable paper, regardless of its width. Wallpaper is priced by the company packed roll and comes in the standard size of 57 sq. ft. Some wallpaper does come in the size of 70 sq. ft. Mostly from America.

For plain wallpaper designs, you can utilize almost 55 sq ft. of the roll.

For floral or other patterns, it will cover up to 50 sq. ft. From the roll, due to considering wastage in matching design patterns.

Wall Paper designs; Find the Perfect Pattern for your walls:

  • Contrasting wall Design:

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This pattern involves putting up a contrasting wallpaper design on one part of the wall to intricately contrast with the wall paint forming a beautiful pitch.


  • Rippled wallpaper Designs:


This design works best in convenience areas. They have a wavy feel and motion to them and in base colors of white, they are super wonderful.

  • To Match Wallpaper Design:
matching wallpaper and Upholstery, buy wall paper online
matching wallpaper

This design involves matching your upholstery design with the wallpaper design for sitting rooms. It generally involves the idea of matching the wallpaper design to very significant factors in the room to be designed. Significant factors such as bed frames, upholstery, walls, and more.

  • Wall to Ceiling:wallpaper design, Wall to wall, ceiling to wall

This design is for the bold. It takes a whole lot of daring attitude to be able to carry this out.  Among the trending wallpaper designs for 2022 is the wall to ceiling pattern. The ceiling is layered with the same wallpaper pattern as the walls. The key is to select a very interesting color pattern and be able to pull this off.

Estimated price range of wallpapers range from 15$ all the way to 50$, the price depends solely on the quality that you want and just like we have been mentioning on this website quality is non negotiable, it is better to sppend heavily for quality than to compromise quality.



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