Industrial Painting Robots For Professional Surfaces

Industrial Painting Robots For Professional Surfaces, is becoming a trend, surfaces like walls(exterior and Interior) are becoming easier to handle with the invention of robots into the industry, we won’t say we didn’t foresee it coming but safer to say it took us unexpected, faster than expected. Industrial Painting Robots are gradually becoming a trend and we have picked out a few notes that you need to take into consideration as we make this journey together

Are robots taking over the Painting Industry as well? You didn’t think Automation was limited to other Industrial arms aside from the Painting Industry?. If you did you were wrong, the world is moving at such a fast pace that if you don’t buckle up and get in line you will be left behind. Industrial Painting Robots are now used for professional surfaces and walls and challenges

Robot Artist, Ai-Da became the first to stage an exhibition on painting robots, that is if we choose to ignore the first exposition robot Painted Artwork sold at $432,500 named “Edmond de Bellany”.

With the influx of Automation into virtually all arms of Industry (paint Production and Painting specifically a few questions may arise with the movement, questions like how much does a painting robot cost? (of course, everyone loves a robot doing the hard work and they themselves stretch their legs on the sofa. what are the benefits of Robotics in this Industry? 

Robots Paint Walls?:

Yeah, I see the surprise on your face, The bewilderment, Wait robots Paint walls? It’s blowing your mind away but you can’t say one word, Painting robots!. Well Yes, Painting robots help paint wall surfaces, not just the walls but can also aid in canvas paintings, just like mentioned above the “Edward de Bellany” sold at $432,000. There are very many characteristics or qualities that a Robot should possess such as Increased rotary or free movement, this is to enable the robot to cover one point from Multiple angles. Atomizer This turns liquid paint into a spray or fine mist for application. Among other characteristics.

How much does a painting robot cost:

The cost of a robot is generally calculated based on its size, complexity, and purpose, a single ABB robot painting system can be purchased, installed, and be fully operational for $100,000 to $150,000. So if you have plans to acquire a painting robot just have in mind that the more complex the robot the costlier the price. An estimated preparatory price of $150,000 -$200,000 would get you set to pick at last an ABB painting robot.

What are the Different types of painting robots:

The Interest in Automation of Painting Industry is becoming Increased with every passing day.  software engineers and mechanical engineers are constantly manufacturing version upon versions of robots the latter with upgraded features of the former. Thankfully, you don’t need to buy all of the extras individually! Some robot manufacturers have created ready-built painting solutions which include all of the extras you will need for your painting application. Here are some of the available types of Painting Robots so far.

  1. KUKA and Dürr’s ready2_spray

2. FANUC’s PaintMate

3. B+M Surface Systems:

B+M Surface Systems specializes in surface finishing technologies, ranging from dipping technologies to robotic painting solutions.

4. ABB’s FlexPainter: One of the first pioneer painting robots. Like other painting robots, the Flexpainter (based around the IRB 5500) has a large work envelope, allowing it to reach across even large workpieces to paint the other side.

5. Kawasaki’s Robotic Painting:

6. Yaskawa’s MPX/MPO Series

7. Stäubli Paint Robots

One factor all these various types of robots have in common is that they all work with programmable software with the aim of reducing labor and time required in carrying out a painting project. The field of robotics is one of the many booming fields around the world they can be mounted in different positions all with the aim of making work easier. And more, robotic painting systems are more trustworthy, efficient, and professional.

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