How Long Does it Take to Paint a new Build

How long to Paint a new Build

Painting a new build involves a lot of factors that act as the time determinant factor, for instance, the size of the build whether an apartment building or an office building, The building paint design, and the building plan for Paint. These three major factors outlive other factors like strength of labor on the ground and funding.

We will look at these major factors that could determine how long it takes to paint a new build then we move on to the other minute factors.

The size of the Apartment/Office build:

The Larger the build the long the longer time it will take to get it painted, even if you use mechanizations all through, the theory still stands, the only possible way to match the time to paint a small build and the time required to paint a large build is to increase the amount of labor needed to cover the large build. There is no standard for measuring a build, but just know that a  two flat duplex will take faster to paint than a four flat duplex or five-story building. Size is the foremost determinant of how long a build will take to Paint.

The Building Plan for Paint:

The Building plan for painting is another strong determining factor, most builders/contractors prefer to go with wall panels instead of exterior Paints. The fixing of wall panels takes a longer time than painting but on the flip side, it reduces the number of places to paint in the build and indirectly reduces the time required to achieve that. The plan for painting on a new build could also include some other key areas like the kitchen and bathroom’s “marbled” Instead of painted, and just as stated earlier reducing the time needed for painting the build.

The Building Paint Design:

If you have been following this website (, you would know that we have handled a varying range of Paint designs and textures, some of which involve or include textured coatings/Gritty paints, emulsion paints, printing texcote, Satin finish, Marble effects, and stucco Paints. These Designs have different effects on the time taken. Emulsion Paints will take lesser time compared to textured coatings, and printing Texcote will take a longer time compared to textured coatings, the printing will require the embedding of designs with a special roller brush and this consumes time. The Satin Finish will take lesser time when compared to marble effects.

These three major factors are major determinants of the required time in completely painting a new build, other factors  still contribute  to this which include:

WorkForce capacity: if it takes (5) Five men (3) Three days to paint a new build it will take (25) Twenty-five men (45) forty-five mins to get it done.. (see what I did there? Yeah elementary maths).

Availability of funds: if funds are readily available then work can go on at a fast rate.

The above-mentioned factors contribute to the time range it takes to paint a new build, furthermore experts advise that for a new build, a time frame of 6 months is advised from the time the concrete is poured, this is to allow the building to settle and be ready for painting, this condition Is not finite, this is because buildings painted before that 6 months still tend to come out with the best quality. so if you are going to take expert advice it takes a new build nine months to one year to dry out, which means you cannot paint a new build house straight away.


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