Satin Paint Finishes, Prices and ranges

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On The Previous post, we talked about Screeding and Screed tools,  A quick recap before we continue screeding allows you to smoothen your walls achieving a hundred percent smooth process, allowing the application of paints like satin.

What is Satin Finish: They are also referred to as eggshells, they are closely related to gloss paints but do not reflect as much light as gloss paints. satin finishes do not hide painting flaws easily, flaws such as brush strokes. this particular finish stands up to scrubbing and regular cleaning. They are adjudged as the best finish for sitting rooms. Although according to real estate estimates, it is not just the best paint for living rooms but for every room depending on whether you desire high-quality stuff.

What are the price ranges of Satin:

Satin finishes are made of different grades or build and the price depends on what grade your manufacturer decides to build for you or what grade you paid for, but generally, their prices are not any lower than #32,000 naira. it could get higher, up to #50,000. some other companies prefer to rename these satin grades and tag peculiar prices to each grade name. on a summative note, satin finishes have strong weather-resistant properties, and the higher the grade the better the quantities.

where can I get Satin Paints:

The Internet has become so advanced that you can order anything at the snap of your fingers and have it delivered to you, there is Jiji there is Walmart, and stuff and the bad thing that is generally about getting from a random reseller is that you could get the wrong item for a very heavy fee. by getting the wrong one I mean getting a paint composition so bad that your wall paints could literally wash off your walls at the slightest sign of moisture. You could also decide to buy from this website, they are unarguably the best in the business. call it negative marketing or anything my drive is to give you the very best for your Money. you still have the power to choose.

Gloss or Satin what is the Best Finish for You?

To effectively answer this there is a need to explain more about Gloss paints. they are simply referred to as shiny paint due to their high sheen content {glossiness} their sheen level is way higher than that of the satin finish. therefore to answer this question a gloss finish is the best in areas like the living room. rooms are best layered with satin finishes.  a quick tip: it is always better to layer a kitchen area with marbles instead of paint coats unless you are going to use the steam absorber in your kitchen space. if not your paint coats could easily wear off as a result of soot or constant steam hitting the walls.



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