Five Important Materials for Wall Screeding

Wall Screeding With Ready Mix Putty and painting pictures - Properties -  Nigeria

Before we jump right into the ten Important materials to take with you when going for a screed appointment, I believe it is nice to first define what screening looks like or what it represents and then why it is useful.

what is Screeding: 

To achieve hundred percent wall smoothness it is necessary to smoothen the walls with POP cement, initially, this method was not popular, the more popular mode being the regular cement plastering, although this smoothened the walls it did not achieve a hundred percent smoothness, until the invention of the screeding.

Screeding can be done on any surface not only on walls e.g. floors, or any other wavy surface to level it up before painting or laying wallpaper. For instance, you might have once filled up a wall crack in your house with some compounds such as cement to fix the crack, and then tried to smoothen it. That is a kind of screeding.


Top Five materials you need:

To efficiently achieve this, there are ten very important materials you need to have with you.

  1. Screed tool: there are three kinds of tools depending on the type of screed you are carrying out, Wooden screed, aluminum screed, Motorized screed. this tool is used to spread the POP Mix evenly on the wall surface to achieve a smooth feel.
  2. Mix Pan: You will need a Mix Pan to help you effectively mix the POP cement or acrylic mix whichever one you choose. the Pan is usually round and with minimal depth and can contain at least 15kg minimum mix.
  3. Work clothes or Apron: you will need an apron to help stop the cement mix from getting on your clothes which could severely damage your clothes.
  4. POP Cement: This is usually white in color and this mix is used/spread evenly on the wall to achieve the desired end.
  5. A ladder: If you are working on an elevated position you need to make arrangements for a scaffold or ladder, mostly elevated positions refer to ceilings or other high-rise surfaces.

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