Texcote Paint Price and how it has affected Prodution

Textured coatings are the new rave in town for average house contractors who aim to get great value for less money. in most regions it is called the paint with grit or Gritty Paint.

Textured coatings when produced professionally can withstand very tough weather conditions for a very long time, longer than emulsion paints. due to this innate ability that it possesses it has become the coat of choice in areas with harsh weather conditions especially exterior coatings.

The term exterior Coatings: They are simply explained as the paint coat used for the outside/exterior part of buildings such as the sit-outs the walls the fences e.t.c

Texcote Price: One of the many factors that make texcote paints very valuable and sort after is their relatively low price when compared to other paint coats, the price ranges from Ten thousand Naira per 20kg bucket to eighteen Thousand Naira per 20KG bucket.

its Advantages: the Gritty nature of the textured coatings helps to reduce stubborn stains and easily sticking stains on the wall, when used on damp walls it can hold down the dampness for a relatively long time. Texcote can withstand harsh weather more than the competing coat kinds.

it reduces the rate of algae growth, and can last as long as 25 years, it does not easily fade away or experience color shade.

Disadvantage: The only known Disadvantage for texcote paints is their gritty nature.

How The texcote price has affected production:

There has been a demand Surge in texcote Paints since 2020, and the demand keeps going up, although at a very slow rate but it keeps going up, This has directly reflected in the Production Increase for texcote paints.

So when Next You are at a loss for what to coat your house with choose Textured coatings for both Interiors and exteriors and you will never regret it. They come out Beautiful.

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