14 Common Defects in Painting, its Causes and Solutions.

The world of Painting is large and froth with a whole lot of problems, these problems are more magnified when enthusiasts take up DIY (do it yourself) roles, with the aim of cutting cost or for the purpose of being less busy.

These Defects could arise from poorly prepared surfaces, it could also be a result of poor techniques involved in the execution. or it could end up not being the fault of the paint manufacturer or the painter but a little tweak in engineering that would lead to surfaces being wet a long time after painting has occurred. before we head on towards explaining the solutions we would love to first run a brief introduction to the problems and then give our Professional recommendation for our followers who may have wobbled into this kind of situation.

Problem No 1 in Paint Defects Includes:


Flashing is the formation of glossy patches on painted surfaces, these glossy Patches are the whitish moon-like mark that shows on the painted surface in the diagram below.

What are the causes of Flashing:

a.) The Number one cause of flashing is “Poor Paint Quality” wherever I see a manifestation of this Defect it tells me one thing, The paint Manufacturer did a BAD JOB! Blame this one on him.

What Remedies do we Suggest to combat This? Patronize Trusted and tested Paint Dealers/manufacturers visit Our shop section if you would love to make a Purchase.

an example of a Paint defect called flashing









Defect Number Two



Chalking is the formation of powder on the painted surface.

Caused By: This is due to the use of insufficient oil in the primer.

Remedies: It can be prevented by using sufficient oil in the primer, applying paint at recommended spreading rate, etc.



Blistering and peeling are defects in which swelling of the paint film occurs.

The swelling is caused by the formation of an air bubble under the paint film due to the presence of moisture or oil or grease matter. If it is due to moisture then it is called peeling and if it is due to oil and grease matter then it is called blistering.

Remedies: It can be eliminated by making use of non-porous paints like emulsion Paints, instead of oil Paints.



Fading is the discoloration of the paint surface.

Caused by;

This is mainly due to atmospheric agencies such as sunlight, moisture, etc.

Remedies: To prevent fading or discoloration, weathering-resistant pigments should be used in the paint.


Paint Defect called Grininng

The paint film should be opaque enough to cover the background surface. The visibility of the background is due to insufficient opacity of paint film even after the final coat is called grinning.

Caused By: Bad Paint production practices

Remedy: Change Paint Manufacturers/Producers, Go for Trusted Companies.


The detachment of paint film from the surface is called flaking. It occurs when the bond between surface and paint film is poor. To prevent this, the surface should be cleaned and rubbed with abrasive paper before applying paint.



Wrinkling occurs when a thick layer of paint is to be coated on the surface. In this case, the paint film gets shrinks and develops crawls on the surface as shown in the picture. It can be prevented by allowing the undercoat to dry completely prior to the application of the final coat.Wrinkling

Fig 9: Wrinkling

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