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showers Paint
Showers paint
showers Paints
showers Paints
showers Paints
showers paints

Ihiala has been one of the towns in Anambra where showers Paints keep resounding in every nook and cranny, recently we visited Ihiala again and it was nothing short of Professionalism and Beauty.

Client/Customer feedback was topnotch and every shade of lovely. the color you see on the building falls under the lighter shade colors and it’s one of the best choices in coating your exteriors.

A simple Horizontal stripe of a lighter color shade was used to beautify the outer pillars,  here we merged white with orange for the exteriors and Purple/Violet satin Paints for the interiors.

The Only Unfortunate thing was that at the moment of taking these Pictures, the Interiors were not yet done so could not showcase them.

Choosing The Showers Brand would be one of the Best Decisions you would make in the year 2022, why should you make that decision? we are Unarguably the best Painting company in Nigeria at The Moment and you never get anything less than Quality from us.

What’s More, When you Buy from us You get cashback by exchanging empty cans for a fee. These and many more are what you stand for choosing the Showers Brand.

It is a big thank you from the Showers Brand to the People of Ihiala we have had a wonderful time doing Business with you all, and we loved every second of it.

NB: to Buy online on Showers Paint, click the menu button on the top right corner, scroll down to the shop section and make your Purchase, Deliveries come to your location in less than 48 hours of purchase. for complaints Whatsapp only; +2348136656462

Thank You For Choosing the Showers Brand.


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