How to Paint Walls Using an 11 inch Roller (Best Technique).

Painting is one of the toughest jobs on Planet Earth, of course, I told this to one of my friends and all he did was laugh In disbelief, most persons won’t appreciate what I am, saying until they are faced with a life situation.

Thankfully our experts looked up easy-to-follow processes to doing painting jobs yourself and comfortably at that. here are easy tips to getting the perfect job done.

  1. When you are faced with a wall to paint, first things ensure your materials to get the job done are complete and within reach, you don’t want to jump off mid jobs to go get a material you just remembered you needed. Materials you would need will include; a paintbrush, a roller and roller rod, Roller tray, painting Overalls
  2. Brush Paint the wall edges: You need to evenly paint the wall edges with your paintbrush, these are areas where the roller cannot get to and they need to be done first so you can get that even output attributable to Professionals.
  3. set up your Roller tray and half fill it with the paint choice to be used on the walls.
  4. set up your roller with the rolling rod for easier work output for you, the rolling rod should not be too short to avoid increasing work input needed and should not be too long to avoid reducing the strength of grip
  5. dip the roller in water first and dry out, the aim is to moisturize and make it ready to absorb paints
  6. dip your roller in the tray and make sure to cover the roll surface with enough paints
  7. Start Away from the Edges and roll up and down in single strokes terminating at the foot of the wall while moving horizontally gradually. continue the process till you cover the wall section.
  8. When you meet Powerpoints/sockets on the wall cover them up well with masking tape before rolling so as not to stain them
  9. use the Paint Brush to reach Areas the roller could not get to and then apply the finishing roll by going again on the walls.

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