Trending Exterior Paint Colors to Choose From in 2021

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Trending Exterior Paint designs for Your Building Projects in the Year 2021

Showers paint Color Model Off White
Off white/ Creamy white


  1. Off white or Warm Creamy White; This Color shade falls under the light shade umbrella, and the magic it casts on your exteriors is un-rivaled. it gives grandiosity and excellence. this color shade can also be used for interiors, I myself personally did the creamy white thing for my  Interior and it’s been beautiful ever since. the off-white color still has different shades within but the very best is the sea pearl by Benjamin Moore. you may need professional help to be able to identify the varying shades of off-white or creamy white.
  2. Pale Gray: This according to popular opinion comes second in exterior building color ratings, but to be able to enjoy the beauty of this color shade on your exteriors care has to be taken to not produce a darker theme than the actual pale gray. it is the perfect alternative when searching for a composite for your building

    Showers Paint color Code Pale gray
    Pale Gray
  3.  The Beige: Beige is described as a pale sandy fawn color,  It takes its name from French, where the word originally meant natural wool that has been neither bleached nor dyed, hence also the color of natural wool. this is popularly known as Sand or calabash among local Paint manufacturers in Nigeria, it comes third on the list of the perfect exterior grades for buildings/projects.
    showers paint Beige color shade
    Beige Color shade

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  4. Blue and Green/Two-tone color Combinations: Although this is outdated trust fashion to always revolve and resurrect the almost “Dead things” the Blue color according to psychologists with its combining color green has a calming effect on the mind especially on the young, if peradventure you are looking for that touch of classic and antique, this two-color combination is the best option. it is still in use as a trending pattern in some regions of Africa.
  5. Wood: lastly the wood color pattern is the most trending and current of all exterior progressions.

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