Common Home Interior design Mistakes

Welcome back to the “Ideas for styling your new home” category of showers paints today we would be looking at a very very peculiar topic, of course I know I used very twice, I just did that to make sure you understood importance of this topic today. without much ado…

Mistake Number One:

Choosing a Paint Color for Your Wall without first sampling it out on Your wall.

Now a lot of people complain, “but the color was so good when I bought it”, “why does it look dull in my house”. “UUrgh! if I knew it would be like this I would have gone for this color”, “Grey would have been brighter”, “a deep cameo would have been better” all these and more are the reasons why you should test out your paint samples overnight on your walls before fully purchasing the paint color. Lighting matters a lot in getting the best result and using the particular lighting in your home to test the grade, color, and when you want to buy would be the best remedy to avoiding this type of regret.

Mistake Number Two:

Height Variation In Furniture and decorative elements set up

I will take you down a familiar line of thought. Monotony is no one’s friend, Variation and diversity are the spice of life. if you made the mistake of keeping your flower pots tv hangers and furniture the same height, you could be missing out on the good part of life, try varying sizes. a taller flower pot, a taller Mirror, a shorter wall art, add variation to the setup and you would be amazed at the result you would get. In interior designing, this is referred to as Scale and Balance.

Mistake Number Three:

Not using Decorative Storage Advantage, now decorative Storages like baskets are the best to use and They help delimit the room from being cluttered and untidy and make the design come alive. Decorative baskets. coffee tables that have storage inside, under Bed storage that can be used in your bedroom to hide things away, and other hidden room storage to give yourself room to be messy with class

Mistake Number Four:

Picking the wrong rug Size for your space.

This mistake throws off the entire design no matter how cool it was before and it is usually common in picking the smaller rug size. In Picking rug size there is a need to select a size that covers at least a sixth of the target factor, if you are placing a rug for your dining room make sure that it contains both the dining table and the dining chairs and that even when the chairs are pulled out from under the table they are still on the rug.  if it is in the bedroom ensure that half the bed stand is under the rug and that It extends to the lampstand.

Mistake Number Five:

Wrong furniture Setting

When you walk into a setting and the first thing you see is the back of a furniture it instantly kills the flow of the interior design. Well if it is the only option you have left there are very many ways to design around it and still keep the view entertaining and enjoyable. a) you can Drape a nice piece of clothing at the back of the furniture to make it look intentional or you can place a bench or desk behind the furniture and decorate it with books and setups to make the view lively and entertaining.


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