The Perfect Design’s For Kids Bedroom

Now have you ever heard the phrase “kids need Light” well it may not mean much to you at the moment, but if you have ever been present where it was used, then you would understand a greater percentage of what am about to explain to you right now?

The developmental stage of every child is a stage that needs a lot of creativity, a lot of passion,
and lots of room. and yes I mean lots of “room”. you see they need that little space where they can jump around and exercise their human prowess, space helps in their psychological development.

Have you ever watched crime-themed movies where a convicted “master criminal is locked up in a small space with no lights and barely enough room to stretch his legs? now the only criminals that get this kind of treatment are the hardened criminals, and this is done with the intention to break them psychologically. now if you want the best for your child and growing teen here is a simple theory, Invert this theory.  give them enough space and light and you would have the very best of socially active children all other factors being equal.

Here at Showers Paint, we don’t just produce paints based on head knowledge formulations without considerations towards the mental and socio-psychological benefits to the customer, we go beyond normal business to give you the very best among the Best.

Our Motor remains beautiful colors in durable coatings and we live up to that daily. here are a few of the designs we picked personally for your child’s bedroom to give him or her if we are dealing with a princess, the very best of comforts at the Home front.


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