Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In a bid to expand our reach in the international and local market we set up a sponsored social media advert plan targeted at fifteen hundred persons. we took a long review at the result of this ad campaign when it ended and it kind of gave us a lead as to what next and where next to focus our strength.

We discovered that a lot of persons are still at a loss as to who we really are, what we actually do, and more precisely our work hours. Now we are going to answer these three questions perfectly well in the section to follow and we believe that to some extent it’s going to solve the issue of who we are and other frequently asked questions that keep popping up here and there.

Who are we?

We are Paint manufacturers Building Paints specifically, we are experts in Production of Building paints, interior, and exterior coatings and wood finishes and vanish, we are based in Nigeria, Africa’s Biggest Country, and Market Prospect. our Headquarters is located in One of Nigeria’s suburb states, Anambra state from where we reach out to our numerous customers Nationwide. alongside our growth, we adopted our company Motto “Beautiful colors in Durable Coatings” to always remind us that no matter the condition or situation of things Quality, Durability, and Beauty should and will always be our watchword and we have consistently delivered over the years.

What services do we offer?

1.) Manufacture of Building Paints

2.) Professional Painting Services

3.) Project management

4.) Real Estate

We offer all these services at a top-notch professional level, giving our clients the very best of services the entire world could offer.

What are Your Working hours?

well except for weekends which of course is the sabbath day and we plan to keep it holy. we are open to working on every available weekday, as early as 6:00 am in the Morning to late work closing hours of 5:00 pm in the evening.

I hope this answers a few of your curiosities about showers Paint?

Ask furthermore what you would like to know in the comment section, it will be attended to as quickly as possible.

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