Basic Coloring tips for Decorating your rooms

work space decoration by showers paintWhen Moving into a New Home one of the very important factors to take into consideration is the room lighting and coloring. Getting these two factors perfectly well goes a long way to ensure home satisfaction.

According to research satisfying home decor goes a long way to contribute to mental health especially at a young age and at very old ages. that is why here at showers paint we take “Home styling and Decoration very seriously” and when it’s just Coloring we make sure to give the very best colors and are more suited than the rest.

Why we take coloring Very Seriously:

Recent research on the Mental Development of Infants places a huge mark on color and its effect on mental Development, a child that grows up in rooms that are darkly colored or lit up could grow up to become withdrawn and distant as well as socially defective. at that stage of development introducing a lighter more colorful shade of coating would help the child’s Mental development a whole lot.

We take coloring very seriously because we understand that shades affect emotion and mental Perception both to the young and the old. we once settled a mentally “unstable” co-related client by just making some tweaks to his Bedroom shade.

The 8 (Eight) rooms to take note of in your Apartment/ Building :

The Living Room: it goes by many names, like the sitting room, the situation ship, and more traditionally the Parlour. Now with all these names there is just one definition for this particular room, it is the room where you entertain Visitors or Guests its more like the conference area in your apartment and it probably is where you relax with all the TV and stuff > I know you already get what I am saying.

The Shade:

Now one of the worst mistakes to make is to use a darker shade for your living room, first of all, it Dampens the mood and you would need a whole lot of additional accessories to lift the mood, but just in case you’re the Boring kind of guy Grey is the best Dark shade for your living room.

The Bedroom:

Well I could take a year expl; gaining what a Bedroom is, but for Pete’s sake its a Bed with a room, and there are two valid hue options for the bedroom, if you’re a Morning Person then a lighter Hue would serve but if you are a night person then pick a dark hue.

The children’s room:

there is no gainsaying this Particular room, it has to be a light hue nothing more nothing less.

Bathrooms and Foyer and Home Offices end up with the Light Hue Gang as well.

Kitchens are basically the dark hue team.

whatever Hue option you decide to select for your rooms we have different hue grades light to dark that can leave your living space sparkly and homely.

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