The Best Season To Paint.

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Painting and What it Means to Us:

There are very many different ways to define painting, there are a host of articles online with respect to the subject and a lot of personal definitions as well.

But to us what does Painting Mean; We see the art of Painting not just as covering a surface with a particular paint color/Pigment but the etching of memories and the grooming of beauty. we love to gradually set piece by piece those loving memories that will remind you of Home, workspace every single time you see it.

We live by it, I mean spreading beauty and Love, and that is why our brand showers Paint has kept on Increasing and growing from strength to strength.

The Best Practices to Adopt in Painting:

As mentioned in Previous Posts one of the Best practices to take note of in Painting is surface Preparation (this topic was clearly explained, visit this Post for More insight.

The second one is the specificity of Painting tools, Use the specific tool required for each Paint Preparation else you risk destroying the end result.

The Best Season to Paint: 

This Question has been on The Lips of a whole lot of DYI Clients concerning Painting, Not just on DYI clients but some of our Professional Painters as well. but before I answer this frequently asked question, I would love to take through a little intellectual stroll and find out at the end of our stroll if you can figure out the best season to Paint.

The stroll:

“The base component of most Building Paints is water, But generally, they are Liquid-Based and the end result is expected to be a dry film on the building surface.” with this little stroll it is evident that building paint composition would do better during the dry season or less moist weather conditions

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