Maintaining Your Interior Painting Job After its Done

One of the very Many questions that we have encountered online and offline from both customers and others is how to maintain the Painting job after its done. Today we would first of all talk on how to maintain interior jobs right before we walk into how to maintain exterior jobs.

How to maintain Your interior painting job?

When we talk Interior Paints we mean In house paints, this usually found in sitting rooms, bedrooms, and anything not outside the building, i know its a poor definition of what an interior is, but that is the best I can get you to.

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well with all that Done here’s How to maintain your Interior painting after its Done.

Interior paint Always/Most of the times tends to gets dirty, this tendency to get dirty is as a rtesult of in house traffic or the number of people walking up and down the room. Hand prints, splashes in kitchens and bathrooms; marks on hallways and corridors; “soot” accumulating above electric lamps and other heat sources, All these contribute to the tendency for Interior paints to get dirty. Removing dirt before it accumulates not only improves appearance, it reduces chances of it getting permanently embedded in the paint film.

So for you to maintain the very best of interior Sheen and appearance you are expected to always check for dirt on the walls or surfaces often and it is safer to assume that dirt samples will be present in and near cooking areas (airborne cooking oil) and at all places within hand height distances. check ceilings often for sooth as well.

This continued cleanliness check serves as a factor to ensure that you are able to pick up dirt when they come up.

Here’s What to Do when you detect One

Clean the surface with a mild detergent using  a soft cloth.

wipe softly a to avoid abrasive surface damages, scrubbing too hard can cause damages to the surface and scrubbing with a hard sponge can lead to huge damages to the surface as well.

Avoid the use of harsher detergent because they too can damage the surface.


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