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Showers Paint Inter global Resources offers an easier mode of getting your building paints, wood finish, car paints and every thing paint sent to your doorsteps without delay. and as quick as Quick can be.

There are no silhouette/shady deals everything goes as clear as crystal, but do well to take needed precautions in messaging the official handles and be sure that you do not mis place one digit with the other to avoid your deals getting lost mid way.

How to buy Online from Showers Paints.

  1.  First thing to do is visit our website at, if you are on our website already then you do not have to take this step
  2. Better still use any of our Pay stack links… for Emulsion Paints>>
  3. For textured coatings
  4. for satin finishes
  5.  click on the drop down button at the top right corner , a number of options would drop down, go to “shop cart”
  6. At the cart, add as many items as you wish from the cart list and when you are done making your order, you can make payments online using your credit card. for a detailed explanation on how to make payments online click on the next link
  7.  Set up Your delivery address and with other requirements and your order would be sent to you immediately without delays.
  8.  if these processes still prove a little difficult, simply use the customer form and send a mail to our customer care, and we would contact you right away.

Delivery Plans:

We Would always advise that for easier access and quick response, all our customers should use the pay stack link or option, make their payment from your bank account, and place your order, Delivery charges are separate from the actual price of the product. and security of payment and business deals are assured. because in the event of issues arising in the transaction (If any) our customers are required to message the support handle of Pay stack which would refund whatever payment made.

Deliveries are made nationwide in Nigeria, charges are relative to Distance but Product prices remain static.

Check out these steps on buying from our website, we teach also teach on Interior decoration errors that you need to take care of in 2021



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